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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Population Cardiovascular disease risk assessments including:- BP, BMI, Smoking status, Alcohol status,Physical Activity levels, healthy eating Cholesterol check. Age 35-74 yearsNo history of cardiovascular disease Target Population: Target Population: Target Population: Target Population: All patients aged 75 years and over Age 25- 74 years not eligible for NHS healthchecks due to age or because on a cardiovascular disease register Smokers and ex-smokers aged 35 years and over To support patients to identify their own personal outcomes which they perceive will improve their health and well-being To encourage a preventative and pre-emptive approach to care through systematic offer of public health advice and support e.g. lifestyle behaviour change. To reduce the prevalence gap for long term conditions Screens:Pts with previous high BP readings , high risk of Diabetes, CKD and/or depression Holistic assessment includes medical review, nutritional status,mental health review, functional and social review. Embedded are a BP check, diabetes check, renal check and depression screen Case finding of smokers or ex-smokers with symptoms of COPD (cough wheeze, shortness of breath). Practices incentivised to perform spirometry on eligible patients. Confirm diagnosis and add to appropriate QOF disease registers +/- disease management locally enhanced services Long Term Conditions LCS NHS Health Check LCS Long Term Conditions LCS Health Check for Patients Aged 75 and over LTC LCS: COPD Case finding To tackle health inequalities by offering equitable access to pro-active care for all patients with long term conditions To achieve better management and outcomes for people with long term conditions To ensure outcomes are deliverable and manageable To encourage collaborative working with key local agencies including health, social care and Third sector.
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