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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hemet Unified School District Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Annual Update Action: All students will have access to Curriculum Designed Units of Study in ELA and Math in Grades K-12. This will be accomplished through district professional development in which teachers will be trained on the implementation of Common Core Units. 98% Elementary Teachers Trained 95% 93% No Assessment 8.Become the technology leader Success will only come if you lead the transition of youreducators; so lead and show everyone that you are leading this change. 9.Gradually change your teachers Use a combination of various techniques and approachesto change the teachers over a period of time and dontexpect change to happen in 2 weeks 10.Promote continuous learning Communicate the importance of building and maintainingan online personal learning network (PLN), All educators (and learners) can benefit from extending their own PLN online beyond the limits of their experience. Infograph by Teachers Plus | | December 2014 Goal: All Students will graduate high school College and Carrer ready. High School ELA and Math Teachers Trained Elementary Teachers Trained Middle School ELA and Math Teachers Trained Strategies: 95% of teachers received training with an emphasis on Common Core ELA Shifts 4 and 5 and Math Shift 4 at RCD Day 4 and 5 Common Core Lead Teachers hired and received 3 additional days of training in RCD and Data Teams. Leads received 60 hours of extra duty to support team implementation. Vetting Committee teachers trained on unit revision with an emphasis on formative assessment. The Committee met for 8 days to revise, edit, and make improvements to units.
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