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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lyndon B. Johnson Lyndon B. Johnson Parents Jobs Family and Birthplace Family and Birthplace LBJ was bornin Stonewall,Texas, in 1908. Johnson had 3sisters and 1 brother, but JBJ was the oldest of the 5. LBJ's ancestry consisted of English, Ulster Scot,and German. LBJ in High School LBJ was awkward but a chattterbox, and was electedpresident of his class in 11th grade at Johnson City High School. He was involved in public speaking,debate, and baseball. After highschool he moved to California and enrolled to S.W.T.S.T.C., where studentsfrom high schools that were unaccredited could take12 grade courses. He went mainly because of pressurefrom his parents but he was later kicked out of school. College LBJ's grandpa was a member of the Chrisitan Church and was also raised as a Baptist. Later his grandpa was a Christadelphain, "someone who claims to return to the beliefs and practices of the earliest disciples and holds that Christ will return in power to set up a worldwide theocracy beginning at Jerusalem" and his father also joined the church. LBJ went to college at Southwest Texas State Teachers' College (which is now Texas State University). LBJ was involved in many clubs such as debate, campus politics, and worked on the school newpaper. During nine months,he paused his studies and taught segregated Mexican children, which helped him save money to finish out his years in college and graduate. Early Political Career After Teaching, LBJ went into politics where he later becamepresident. He started off as a legislative secretary and worked his wayup until he wasvice president and then eventually president. Vice Presidency Presidency; the Beginning The assaination of JFK propelled LBJ into presideny in 1963. The photo of LBj being sworn in became the most famous picture ever takenon a presidental aircraft. He needed to make a quick transition to stabilize the country after the shocking murder. The vast emotion of JFK's death across the country gave him gigantic momentom to carry out his plans while he was in office. LBJ was the vice president to JFK. Theydid not get along, and JFK intensely disliked LBJ, but JFK brought him into his administration. They brought him in for2 reasons: 1) they needed a southerner to keep the southerrn demorcrats votes & 2) they needed someone strong like LBj to get stuff done. Presidency - What Did He Do? LBJ did more on Civil Rights than any other president other than Abraham Lincoln, such as the Voting Rights Act.He put in place the Great Society which was his plan toexpand the new deal programs of Franklin D. Roosevelt which included things like Medicare, Medicaid, job training,etc, so that healthcare would be available to all people, not just the ones who had the money. He expanded studentloans and educational funding so that more people went to college than ever beofre in American history. He also accelerated desegregation. The Death of LBJ On January 22 at around 3:30pm LBJ was suffering massive chest pains and was rushedto Brooke General Hospital by his secret service. Sadly Lyndon B. Johnson was pronounced deadon arrival, who had died 2 days after Nixon's second inauguration. Shortly after his death a report on Vietnam was on the news. Nixon mentioned LBJ in the news about the peace agreement to end the Vietnam War in a speechhe gave the day after Jyndon B. Johnson died. Fun Facts! 1) Almost every family memeber's initals were LBJ; Lyndon Baines, Lady Bird, Lynda Bird, Luci Baines.2)His wife and LBJ were married with a 2.50 weddingring3)LBJ was commisioned as an officer in the Navy during WWII where he was almost killed4) LBJ rejected his presidents portrait because he said it was'the ugliest thing he ever saw"5)LBJ was the first and so far only president to besworn into office by a woman, on texas land, andin an airplane.
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