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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Developing the market of VCSproviders to lever in more resources Economic Health & Well Being Encouraging volunteering, community involvement & development to increase well-being Social Environment Information, advice & guidance in community settings to reduce inequality Places that encourage people to interact Support for carersEarly years supportAdult CommunityLearningSensory Advisory TeamPA registerLD supportHack days Anchors:Volunteering fundEngagementConsultationWell LondonCentre for Independent LivingCommunity Conversation Anchors:Arts & TourismLibrariesParks & Open SpacesGreen CamdenCentre for IndependentLiving Sports & PhysicalActivitiyCommunity ownershipMulti-useFlexibleSection 106/CIL Anchors:Community centres fundAdvice PartnershipEquality & Cohesion FundResilience & Cohesion Tenancy SupportContact CamdenBenefits AdviceLanguage & CommunicationsServiceConnexionsYouth ServiceChoice & Opportunities onlineRestorative justice Anchors:VCS infrastructure fundInnovation & Development FundCommissioning & Partnerships Support for TMOsSupport for new careprovidersCamden GivingSocial investmentCommunity energyprojectsCredit unions Return on investment:Council contract leverage for otherinvestment Model: Council supports new investmentmodels and social enterprise /VCS consortia or partnership Return on investment:Aligning public / private/philanthropic investment Model: Council commissions services in partnership Return on investment:£1 advice: £3 benefit income40% statutory mistakes corrected Model: Partnership council/VCS Develop mutual / co-op / socialenterprise Return on investment:Bromley by Bow Centre evaluation Model: Asset transferCommunity Land Trust
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