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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 You get a plot that is 1000 sq. feet. The most rooms in 5 and 4 bathrooms. Town in the middle than 7 types of jobs spreading out around the town. The kids do go to School.Security lock to every house for free. So there are 7 types of Job by each arrow. The Jobs are Farming, Medical, Sport, Clothes, Mining, Lumber and School. These arrows show were the train tracks start to go out to the 7 Jobs. 0 20 40 60 80 100 Tom Jacob Ryan Taylor David George Jerry The government is were you do the voting for anyone. No one can Campion. They can tell you if they want to be but NO CAMPAIN. There is lots of entertainment here.Bars and restaurants in the middle of town. Everyone is 100% about how good are entertainment. Every household can have 7 phones, 2 computers and 7 TV. There are great bars and restaurants in the middle of town to visit. Everyone in the town is 100% satisfied. There are also helicopter pads around the town. School is 8 hours every weekday. One of the days you can have your school at home. Every teacher has to have 5 years of training. The Food is free. Every month there will be 20 trucks that go to each part of the 7 towns from the Farmers. If there is not enough for everyone in your part the next day you will get 3 more trucks. There can be Any sixes family. Big or Small works but you do get a limit on house size. All are natural resources come from are jobs. Mining, Lumber, and Farming. The location is in a big place that has 50,000 acres of land. It is 50 to 90 degrees each day. One Star! There are stadiums for each sport. Indoor basketball court. Soccer and football stadium, in the same placed.
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