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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 When? Where? Languageand Literature Government Religion 1800 BC~900 ADPeak 250 AD 1200s AD- 1521 ADPeak: 1300s AD 1100s AD-1532 ADPeak 1400s AD Yucatan Peninsula, Belize, Guatamala Andes Mountains, Chile, Peru, Ecuador Valley ofMexico,Central Mexico City States, Ruler for each City State,Not unified so not empireCapital: NA One ruler, conqueredother nations,WarlordCapital:Tenochital Empire, Emperorwith all power, language Quechahelped unify,Capital: Cuzco 1: Ruler2: Priest and Astronomers3: Military Leaders4: Artists 1: Ruler2: Nobles and Priests3: Warriors4: Strong middle class5: Slave (had rights)andPrisoners Polytheistic,Worship Sun (Indi),Strong relation with nature,Made Pyramids Polytheistic,~250,000 sacrifices a year,did Human Sacrifices,Huitzilopochtli and Quetzalcoatl main gods,Thought gods came in Human form,Thought Cortes was god,Made Pyramids Polytheistic,Did Sacrifices,160+ gods,Made Pyramids 1: Emperor (total power) 2: Ayllu (village leader)3: Nobles4: FarmersEmperor hadroyal messengers and taxed people through labor Pre Columbian Civilizations Infograph INCAS MAYANS AZTECS HEI Had own Language, Writing calledCodices (like hieroglyphs) Language called Quecha, Had no Writing Fall: Conquistador Cortes conquers Fall: Conquistador Pizarro conquers Fall: Uknown possiblynatural disaster oroverpopulation Built Terraces and aquaducts double click to change this header text! Built around cenotes, cultivated land Built Chinampas(farms on water) Major Achievements Social Organizations Language called Nahuatl,Had hieroglyph like writing Medical Improvement,Conquerors,Pyramids,Chinampas,Calendar,Nahuatl Astronomy, Codices, Calendar, Pyramids, Cities, Numbers,Language Roads,Quipos,Pyramids,Terraces,Aqueducts,Quecha,Machu Picchu 2000 BC 1500 AD 1000 AD 1000 BC ~1800 BCStart Mayans ~1100 ADStart Incas 0 AD ~900 ADEnd Mayans ~1200 ADStart Aztecs ~1521 ADEnd Aztecs ~1532 ADEnd Incas
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