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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 About what theHolocaust Oh you mean in howmuch does ourchildhood impactwho we becomeas adults? How much does our childhood impact who we become as adults. Hey did you know what Mrs.Madigan was talking about during class. By:Cristian Flores Pd.1/2 Yeah, when she gaveus the quetion. Yes that one What about it What do you thinkthat thee answeris? Well I would haveto go with thatit does impact. Well I don't reallyknow but I will gowith that it doesnot impact. Well in my opinion itdoes because as a kidthey had a dream tobecome someoneand without a dreamtheir is no purpose.And if they have a dream theirs apurpose for doing some thing. Yeah that mightbe true but somekids have a dreamof become someone but than latterthey become likethe total opposite That might betrue but at leastthey had adream. All right I will giveyou that but whatabout for somepeople that wereor still are successfulin life. But they might saythey never had adream but maybedeep down theydid have a dream. Okey I will giveyou that one butwhat about if theyhad a dream as achild but it gotcrushed like ifsome one saidthat they will nevermake their dream true. Yeah that mighthappen sometimesbut because it wasnot a strong dreamand thats why in myopinion Peter Pamdoes not want to growup because kids havesome thing thatmakes them beliveand that thing iscalled faith. Okey you got metheir I geuss illgive and tellyou that youare right andthat it doesimpact. All right and maybethis will impact youfor haveing a betterargument. Where I got my infomationis from a book Daniel's storyby Carol Matas.Another is"The Story of How AmericanFamilies and OrganizationsRescued Children of the Holocaust" The Story of How AmericanFamilies and OrganizationsRescued Children of the Holocaust.N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Dec. 2014.
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