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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sed quam lectus, mattis eget ipsum ac, pellentesque eleifend dui. Proin nulla eros, imperdiet vel eros sit amet, consequat varius arcu. Nam porta ipsum ante, a mattis magna lacinia at. Vivamus a pretium neque. Aliquam tincidunt tristique consequat. CULTUR EOF EVOLUTI ON 123-123-123 LOREM AWARD 2014 IPSUM AWARD 2013 2012-2014 | Nullam tempor LOREM AWARD 2008 1999-2005 | Vivamus vitae 2005-2012 | Nullam tempor Pellentesque Parents just wanted their kids to be named different from all the other kids name and be very unique jus time thief personality. Music has effected the culture because of naming their kids after favorite singers and dancers and actors. Movies has been a great adapt from black and white screens colors to very popping colors. The name I love Lucy has been a great effect on people abo 40% of people have name Lucy. 1997-2000 People had the most popular names like Carmen because of the actor who played that character in Carmen jones, and another one like Annie because of the movie Annie, MarketingVivamus University People would name their kids after popular car names for example Mercedes and lexis 2002-2005 People would name their kids for example like Lucy Dorothy Madison because of movies and tv shows. Everybody has slowly changed from weird to al,oat not weird be has of given names of popular names. 2015 2012 2013 2014 2008 2005 1975 1997 1999
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