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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 GREENJUICE LATEXOil/ grease/ local wastesCentifugation DistillationTransesterification20 TONS OF BIODIESEL for own useE-USINAS50 TONS OF BIOCHEMICALSBIOVIDA S.A. MINERALS & CHEMICALSFiltering & Fermenting100 tons for own useBIOFERTILIZERSBIOPESTICIDES100 tons for saleBIOCHEMICALSBIOFERTILIZERSBIOVIDA S.A. VINASSES & WASTESFerment, Filter 100 tons of DDGSFERTIRRIGATIONfor own useE-USINAS 1,000 Tons ofPROTEINSE-USINASLEAF FOR LIFECook,CentrifugateFilter CELLULOSE50 Tons ofETHANOL for fuel processUSI BIOREFINERIASFerment & Distill SCREW PRESS5 Tons per hourof Green MatterVINCENT CORP Brazil or Caribbean BioregionModules of 300 hectares in marginal land+ MICRO BIOREFINERY for Added value 100% Closed Loop Process INPUT10,000 DM TONSfrom 300 Has=33 Tons of DMof Biodiversified Crops in marginal landBIOENERGYCROPS OPEX= 600,000 Usd60 Usd per Ton= MWe/h equivalentO & M= 20 usd per ton of DM=200,000 Usd Transport= 25,000 UsdBiomass Cost= 30 Usd * ton DM= 300,000 UsdFarm Machines & Truck Leasing=75,000 Usd No taxes or subsidies considered Incomes= 1,100,000 Usd = 110 Usd per ton = MWe equivalent6500 Tons Fiber* 85 Usd= 550,000 Usd1000 Tons Proteins*350 Usd= 350,000 Usd650 tons Minerals, Biochar & Fert.*300 Usd = 200,000 Usd CAPEX= 1,500,000 Usd for processing 10,000 tons of DM= 150 USD per Ton=5,000 usd per hectare80% efficiency conversion1 Ton=1MWe/h=1,500,000 Usd per MWe equivalent2,500 usd* ha (300 has*33 tons DM)in Land +Land Preparation+Planting+750,000 Usd * MicroRefinery (2500 Usd*ha) Gross Profit= 500,000 Usd 1,666 usd per hectare=50 per DM Ton ROI 33% 2000 Tons Fibersfor Own UseMicro Pyrolysis KonTiki400 tons of Biochar for saleBIOCHAR SOLUTIONS2 MMbtu per Hour40 Kwe/h with300 tons of biochar OUTPUT6500 DRIED FIBRESDEPROTEINIZED& DEMINERALIZIED FIBERS Land Revaluation for 300 HectaresInitial Value= 1,000 usd per Hectare= 300,000 UsdLand Valuation= 15,000 Usd * ha in 2 years4,500,000 Usd = 1,500% Land Revaulation 150% * year for 10 years= 450,000 Usd = 30% Extra ROI
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