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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 United States 3.85 Average earthquake magnitude in the USA 1.6 3.7 7.01 4.7 6.95 Montana Michigan New Jersey Florida Texas California Their average magnitude is 7.01. Michigan has an average 4.7 magnitude. Japan 2011 How One Earthquake Changed the Lives Of Millions They have a 6.95 averageearthquake. An average earthquakein Florida is 3.7 onthe Ritcher scale. An average earthquake inTexas has a 3.8 magnitude. Our state has an average 1.6 earthquake. The earthquake of 2011 in Japan changed everyone's world forever. Buildings were destroyed. Power went out. There werefoodshortageseverywhere. THE SECOND BIGGEST EARTHQUAKE IN THE WORLD 9.0 MAGNITUDE 9.0 MAGNITUDE (AND I SURVIVED IT!) Japan 2011 Chile Haiti Japan Sumatra New Zealand 5. New Zealand- 6.3 2011 4. Haiti- 7.0 2010 3. Chile- 8.8 2010 2. Japan- 9.0 2011 1. Sumatra- 9.1 2004 But what does this have to do with me? How arethese earthquakescaused? Plates in the Earth (no, not dinner plates) travel through the Earth. When two plates (or pieces of rock in the Earth) crash into each other, they shake the ground, making an earthquake! We also have smaller earthquakes after a big one. These are called aftershocks. But Everything Isn't Rainbows and Pretty Everywhere... But Everything Isn't Rainbows and Pretty Everywhere... An earthquake is something veryeasy to prepare for. Make surethat you live in an earthquake safe building. Those have supportunderneath the building that helpit stay in place. You can also haveearthquake drils. Reacting to anearthquake is very important anda necessary part of preparing for an earthquake. Practice hiding or standing underneath a doorway or desk/table. Theseheavy structures can support theweight of an earthquake's shake.You should also know some emergency numbers in caseyou are alone during an earthquake.Having phone numbers to go toin case of someone else or yourself gets hurt is a great way to prepare for an earthquake. Hide under a desk or doorway to protectyourself from earthquakes. Never hide outin the open. If you are outside during an earthquake, get inside IMMEDIATLY. YOUMAKE CANA DIFFERENCE Go to a RedCross near you to learn First Aid. This can help you in an emergency. Many people werehurt in the 2011 Japan earthquake. First Aid helped many people in an emergency. You can Also Learn About Earthquakes by Researching Them on the Internet. Learn as much as you can about earthquakes to help you stay safe in one. Any information you can get will help you in an emergency. Stay Safe. Stay Ready. Stay Prepared. Stay Safe. Stay Ready. Stay Prepared. Stay Safe. Stay Ready. Stay Prepared.
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