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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Does Letting Illegal Immigrants into the economy hurtor help the economy? Timothy Murphy once said - "Illegal Immigration is a crisis for our country. It is an open door for drugs, criminals, and potential terrorists to enter our country. It is straining our economy, addingcosts to our judicial, healthcare and education systems." Letting illegal immigrants into the U.S. hurts the economy because the populationwould increase and more people wouldbe arrested for helping illegal immigrantsinto the country. The United States of America's population goes up at least 13.3% each year. Center of American progressalso says that the past decade saw a significant increase inthe foreign-born population. Which means a lot of people areimmigrating to America. WHY? Zoe PeacockLanguage Arts Period 7+8March 18, 2015 IT HURTS THE ECONOMY!!! By the time 2050 comes along, our population is going to be at least 3 times as bigger thanit is now, and it's pretty big now. Let's cut tothe chase, if we already have problems finding jobs now, just imagine what it'll be like then... As 'Center for Immigration Studies' says that immigrantsare usually poor, does that make you think that at therate immigrants are coming into america and when you are poor you have to get a job for money to help yourself survive, that jobs will start becoming harderand harder to find? If so, then you think prettycritically. When our population increases, other livingthing's population will decrease. Just think, if more people start coming into our country, food will be on higher demand which meanschickens, cows, fish, etc. will be almost extinct.How does that "help" our economy?When Cliffhangers were in Ms. O'brien's room, we learned that when one population becomesover populated, another will start decreasing,so if our human population increases, most likelythe animal population will decrease. Letting illegal immigrants into the United States alsohurts the economy because more people can get arrested from helping them into them into the U.S. It's only because it's illegal and people need help, so they find what they can and use it or use them. More people get arrested because they needsomeone to help with cleaning, or basically children's chores. If they need the help because maybe they have a big family to take care of, they're going to try and get as much help as they can possibly find. Call to Action Now, some think that letting illegal immigrants into the country helps the economy becausethey think that they don't take our jobs. How on earth could they think that, when it's already hard for people now to get jobs? These people might also think that it'll "boost" our economy.I personally don't know how that'll help but Iguess people have their opinions, right? The lastthing that some people think is that it'll increase our tax revenues. Tax revenues are okay now, but people (Ex: my mom) don't want their taxes to go up because of illegal immigrants. Let me leave you with this, It hurts the economy when letting illegal immigrants into the country Resources: Counter Argument
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