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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] Why was Kublai Khan an outstanding leader? Learning from the Chinese Even though Kublai Khan conquered China, he still believed that he could learn a lot from them.He incorporated many Mongol and Chinese administration. The mongols were good at fighting but he knew he could learn more of how torun a large government from the Chinese. Thesetwo aspects helped benefit and make his empiregrow. Religion Growing up in China, Kublai Khan was surrounded by Confucianscholars.He was as interested inlooking after the welfare of his subject as he did in conquering new lands.Kublai had an appreciationfor the Chinese and started an organization of Confucian advisers that to introduce reforms in his territories.Kublai also invited Christians, Muslims, andHindus from outside China to practicetheir faiths and to win converts. The Mongols ruled a large empire thatstretched from China to EasternEurope.China prospered fromincreased overlandtrade with other areas.The Mongols also continued tobuild ships and expanded inseagoing trade.Goods such assilver,spices,carpets and cotton came from Europe.The Mongols enlargedChina's empire by conquering Vietnamand northern Korea. The Mongols forced thousands of Koreans to build warship. Trade and Conquest Kublai Khan's Legacy Kublai Khan, made a lasting impact on China through unification, technology and science, and increase in trading and traveling with the west.Kublai unified Chinawith enhanced communication betweendifferent ethnic group.
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