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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 milk What was the best of him? What did he create? What did he do? While Kublai was emperor of China he conformed with the Chinese tradition by demanding allegiance and tributary gifts from its neighboring vassals. After he became emperor, he began to ban the titles of and tithes to Han Chinese warlords. What did he affect? the many of The Best Kublai Khan Kublai Khan was known for his acceptance of different religions. Kublai Khan was the founder of the Yuan dynasty and proclaimed himself Chinese emperor. Kublai Khan was a great supporter of trade science and the arts. He showed great intelligence in using partial adoption of Chinese political traditions and divide-and-rule tactics to help in the administration of a large empire. Kublai also built up the infrastructure of China building roads, canals, establishing trade routes, and bringing in new ideas from foreign countries. In a sign of his growing attachment to China and Chinese customs, Kublai ordered his advisors to select a site for a new capital based on feng shui. They chose a spot on the frontier between China's agricultural lands and the Mongolian steppe; Kublai's new northern capital was called Shang-tu (Upper Capital), which Europeans later interpreted as "Xanadu." Kublai Khan was known for his acceptance of different religions. Kublai increased trade on land and built ships for trade. They wereforerunners of the scholar-officials of the Chinese Empire. Before this, Kublai Khan, the fifth "great khan" and grandson of Genghis Khan. Valerie Hernandez
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