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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fun Florida Facts! Tourism! The Sunshine State Tallahassee Jacksonville Key West Tampa NPR Miami Highlands (Hills) Henry Flagler Henry Flagler helped build a railroad and some resorts. Henry Plant Henry Plant also helped build a railroad and some resorts. Henry Ford Henry Ford got the idea of cars. I've been working on a railroad! Pioneers N W E S Ponce de Leon found Florida. The European colonization caused... the Native Americans to move. The Three Branches of Government Executive Legislative Judicial The Space Program brought many people. Florida was chosen to create rockets and train some astronauts. Orlando Fab FL! Executive Headed by the pres. who carries out laws. Headed by thecongress,andit makes laws. Headed by the supreme court,and reviews laws. The space program was built in fl. Tourism becamea big attraction. Fl went intothe great dep. from the land boom. The pioneers andnative americanslived in Florida. RELAX! Civic Duties Civic Duties are importantbecause citizens do what isbest for their communitylike voting, following rulesand keeping nature clean. Local and State Gov. The Local Gov. takes careof the city and it's problemswhile the State Gov. has theGovernor and allocates funds. The Native Tribes Seminole The Seminole had their own Gov. The Timucua hadalot of resourcesand could farm. Timucua Appalachee The Appalachee were wealthy andfierce. Booms The Henry's maderailroads and resorts People came to FLand bought land The seminole wars started because the Seminole supported Britian and they had suprise attacks. Florida Resources Industry Fl's fishing is worth more than $207 Million and... Fl's crops have a value of $6 Billion Beaches Disney Busch Gar. Ever G Hotels The Civil Rights Movement created Martin Luther King Jr day. The Spanish rule brought people and made FL part of the U.S. For the Spanish War FL was used to travel in ships to attack. Juan Ponce De Leon wasthe first explorer who was looking for the Fountainof Youth! Juan Ponce De Leon Pedro Menendez came toFL to kill the French people! Pedro Menendez Our State Constitution protects rights Guarantees equal rights! Secures state benefits! Allocates funds! Civil War and Reconstruction! The men fought while the womenand children took care of the farms. Reconstruction was not bad for FL, it had not suffered damage. By, Krisha and Anna Pioneer had resources and crops, they had markets,andthey lived in huts. Tourism Fishing Forestry Minerals Crops
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