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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Korean Conflict (1950 - 1953) North Korea (occupied by the Soviet Union) South Korea (occupied by the United States) After World War II,Korea's peninsula wasdivided into North Korea andSouth Korea When North Koreacame across the 38th Parallel in 1950 to invade South Korea,it took the U.S. by surprise. Korean War broke out! President Harry Truman orders integration of the armed forces to aid South Korea. The Korean Warwas the first warin which whiteAmericans andAfrican Americans served in the same unit. The Soviet Unionprovided weaponsand supplies toNorth Korea. U.S. convinced theUnited Nations tosend military to aid South Korea. Fun Fact Back home,military establishments became more powerful There was a hugeincrease in military spending. Military ties to the scientificand corporate communitiescreated a very powerful military industrial complex. It employed3.5 Million Americansby 1960. The Korean Warweakened relationswith communist China. U.S signed a peacetreaty with Asia inSept. of 1951. Under the control of General Douglas MacArthur, Democracy/Capitalism Vs. Communism Why did the U.S. get involved with the Korean War? * The U.S wanted to make theiranti-communism apparent.* Truman Doctrine - they wanted to keep theSoviet Union from spreading communism.*"Domino Effect"* To support countries fightingagainst communism. When U.S. forces were sentto view the destroyedNorth Korea after the war,they encountered Chinesecommunist troops. The Chinese viewedthe United State'sadvance as aggressiveand drove their forces back across the 38th Parallel. President Trumandid not want toencourage Chinato enter the war, so he decided not to invade. U.S was defeatedby China in thefirst Chinese-Americanwar at Usan. U.S. stressed importance of "containment". "Containment" is a foreign policycreated to prevent thespreading of communism. Political cartoon aboutthe USSR spreadingtheir communism. The Korean cost more than: * $50 billion dollars* 33,000 U.S lives.* 110,000 wounded Americans.
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