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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2. Conventional 3. Postconventional 1. Preconventional - Following rulesto avoid punishment,listens to authority- Self interest and best interest of other Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development Diana Lee (Self) (Society) (We) *Reference:Kohlberg, L.(2011). Moral stages and moralization:The cognitive-developmental approach. In M.E. Wilson (Ed.),College student development theory (401- 422).Boston, MA: Pearson Learning Solutions. -The stages of moral development are sequential- Development of moral reasoning- End results in Justice!- Preconventional: Heteronomous Morality & Individualism- Conventional: Interpersonal Conformity & Social Systems- Postconventional: Social Contract & Universal Ethical Principles *Key Students & Scenario- Vice President: Justifies why an organization should gettheir funding approved or denied, does not agreethat every organization should receive funds- Event Coordinator: Is planning the organization's biggest event and isdeciding what the theme of the event should be- Outreach Coordinator: Newest member of the organization;joined a few months after initial retreat;has not had a chance to bond with members *The Outreach Coordinator is mostproductive because he is thenewest member and onlyknows by what his advisor tells himabout his duties as an officer.He is new to the organization so hedoes not want to get in troubleand jeopardize his new position. Critiques: - Expectations of society- How others' perceive you- Contribution to society -Equal consideration for all- Uphold society's standardswhile valuing justice and law-Ethical Principles;respect for all individuals *While other organization members feelpressured to accept all funding requests,the Vice President of the organization doesn'tthink that it's ethical to accept ALL fundingrequests. She wants to respect herorganization's values and principles byfollowing ALL of the funding criteria beforegiving funds to organizations.She wants to be fair and make decisionswithout bias *The Event Coordinator is planningan event for all organizationsand is having a hard time picking atheme because he is concerned aboutpleasing all of the organizations.He does not want organizations to beupset at him for picking a theme theydo not agree with. He is concernedabout how the campus will view him if hechooses the "wrong" theme. -Life-oriented; not specificto college students- Geared towards white men;does not take women'sdevelopment into consideration
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