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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Definitions Paternity- Action in court to establish fatherhood.Emancipation- Kids are free from legal control and custody of parents.Truant- A child who misses school without justification. Support Contributing to the deliquency of a minor- When a parent helps or makes a child disobey the law.Family car doctrine- Makes parents responsible for any car damage.child abuse- When a parent strikes a child physically or even mentally.child neglect- Failure to feed, shelter, or clothe a child. start from scratch[clears the canvas] Parents must give or provide medical services. Odds are they are getting sick multiple times growing up as well as being injured or hurt in some type of way Medical Care The most basic thing you have to for a child is support them. Whether its with something they need or believe in, you should be there for them. Help them have a better childhood than you ever did. Care and Supervision You must spend time and know what your kids are doing. When you are unable to be there, you musthave someone watch over them. Discipline You must always make your child aware of whats right and wrong. As well as recognize them when something is right or wrong. Whether its a reward or punishment. Sexual Abuse Sexually abusing a child is wrong and twisted. Who ever may treat a child as such should be locked up. Although it has decreased, people who still do it must be stopped.
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