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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Solution 3 The third solution is to make vaccination for preventable diseases mandatory throughout the U.S. This is necessary because when vaccination doesn't occur, old diseases become resurgent again. This puts much of our society at risk and vulnerable because when people don't get the vaccine, the disease could go as far as becoming widespread once again. As the article "The Ethical Negligence of Parents Who Refuse to Vaccinate Their Children" says, " a certain percentage of the population must be immunized to fully protect people from the disease." This means that people need to vaccinate more. A pro is that no one will be infected because they are all immune. However, the right of parents to choose whether their kids get vaccinate is eliminated. Overall the benefits of this solution over powers the cons, Solution 2The second solution is to make it a rule for health care providers and public school attendees to receive vaccines. This would ensure the safety of students and health care workers. It would also give the parents a choice to give their kids the vaccine. In the article, written by Berstein, "[measles] can [be contracted] from being near a single person with the disease". Pauline Bartolone wrote, "parents also talked about protecting their kids- from children who aren't vaccinated." This solution would protect the parents rights of choice and also ensure the protection of the children's health. The healthcare workers would also be protected from the viruses they treat. ConclusionIn summary policy makers should create a law to bans the right to choose to not vaccinate their child.This would be the best option that would anger the fewest people and protect the majority of people if not all.everyone should have to be vaccinated unless there are medical reasons preventing it. This would be to the benefit to the entire community. There has recently been a major issue in the United States. Measles. The virus has returned to the country due to vaccinations for it being ignored . The cause of this situation, parents, parents who don't want their children vaccined. The virus is continuing its conquest of the American citizens, the solution is causing arguments as to whether or not vaccinations should be required by law. The protection of American citizens should be considered while deciding the final solution. Vaccinations Debate Probl em Solut ion Solution 1The first solution that policy makers should consider, is that vaccinations are mandatory for no one. Reasons such as religious beliefs or personal beliefs, could influence people's decision to not get immunized. In the article "Bill to Limit Vaccine Exemptions Moves A Step Closer In California", parents are claiming that, "[...] eliminating the personal belief exemption threatens [our] ability to do what's right for [our] kids," The benefit of this solution, is the protection of people's right to choose whether they get vaccines are not. However, deadly diseases such as measles will continue to spread and kill many people. Babies, pregnant women, and elderly can not get vaccinations, so the choice of everyone can impact others in a negative way.
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