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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Air Pollution How can air pollution affect the environment? Facts: Air pollution comes from a lot of different sources. Fossil fuel combustion emits some common air pollutants. Coal,gas, and oil release deadly gases. Air pollution can make people sick. Air pollution can make people die. people die a year from air pollution. Air pollution can affect kids more often because they breathe more air. Acid rain is also another part of air pollution. Human Impact: Carbon dixode is what makes air pollution We burn coal in our house or fireplace and that goes out our chimney. Air pollution is a dangerous chemicals going into the air that affect the air and when you breathe it can affect your lungs. Since we lead dangerous chemicals into the air thousands of people die. We can also get air pollution from natural resources. Ride bikes instead of cars because cars can make air pollution. Do not use cars as much. Content solution: Air pollution. Solution: Ride a bike instead of driving a car. Cars have engines that could pollute the air. Bikes don't and they can keep the environment safe. You could also walk because you are not polluting the air. 1 Million Sources: Pictures This is a huge impact on the earth. By Ryan King
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