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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 KINESTHETIC LEARNING Moving With a Purpose to Learn! KinestheticLearningin theClassroom Providesbrain breaks Kinesthetic Learning engages whole brain learning which improves cognitive functioning. Kinesthetic Learning supports exercise and fitness, encouraging a healthy lifestyle. double click to change this header text! Kinesthetic Learning enhances student engagement which improves learning and test scores. Kinesthetic Learning promotes fun andlaughter, building classroom community. Supports exercise &fitness Use toReviewContent DevelopsClassroomCohesion Kinesthetic Learning reduces stress and anxiety. Kinesthetic Learning increases student motivation, which enhances learning potential. Incorporating Kinesthetic Learning throughout the school day across curriculum develops students' cognitive functioning and enhances overall learning potential. Kinesthetic Learning (KL) is learning with a purpose. It implements movementin the classroom to enhance the teaching and learning process. It educates the child as a whole by using differentiated instruction to engage students through different learning styles, interests, and readiness. Prepares the brainto learn Use toTeachContent What is Kinesthetic Learning? Uses in the Classroom. There are many uses for KL in the classroom. KL is afun and active way to hold students' interest as theylearn. Content can be taught through activities such as the "Fly Swatter" game to teach sight words. Using KL to provide "brain breaks" throughout the day such as 30 seconds of jumping jacks between subjects, helpsstudents process information. KL improves test scores! KL allows students to refocus while strengthening their ability to pay attention. KL helpsstudents grow cognitively, socially, mentally, and physically by learning through movement. KL also supports exercise and fitness. Why Consider Kinesthetic Learning?
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