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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 NebulaPhase 1 The nebula is a cloud made out of gas and dust. Stars are born here. They aren't born individually insideof the cloud, instead they are born in groups or clusters. This is because the cloud is so ginormous. Red GiantPhase 2 The red giant stage is whenever the star starts to consume it's stock of hydrogen that is in it's core. Because there is no more inward pressure pullingthe star together, a shell of hydrogen escapes from the star causing it to set on fireand remain to live. It doesn't only live longer but,it increases in size DRAMATICALLY. It can growup to 100 times larger. White DwarfPhase 3 If a star completely runs out of hydrogen fuel in its core and lack the mass to force higher elements into fusion reactionthe star shrinks and becomes a white dwarf star. The star in this stage, will just cool down to the temperature of the universe. This will take hundreds of billions of years. SupernovaPhase 4 There is no more iron inside of he star, and the star gets hotter and thicker. The star lets go of the energy and explodes. Thisexplosion is called a Supernova. Neutron StarPhase 5 The debris from a Supernova explosion is called a Neutron Star Black HolePhase 6 After a star dies itturns into a black hole. Scientists say that what goes in the black holenever comes out. Others say that black holes mayhave a wormhole inside of them that lead to other galaxies. Life Cycle of a StarBy: Kim
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