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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 KIM IL-SUNG ETERNAL PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF NORTH KOREA Kim Il-sung was the Prime Minister of North Korea from 1948-1972, and remained President from then until his death. Both of these positions encompassed his time as Leader, a position he was put into by Soviet allies, after winding up ina USSR camp while in war. Kim Il-sung ran a dictatorship, whichis an extremely common form ofan authoritarian government. Hewas thrust into power when the USSRoverthrew North Korea, and used not only fear and tyranny to run his state,using labour camps and prisons as incentive to obey his commands,but developed a cult of personality that escalated him to a God-like position to the people,who would worship andrevere him. This method was and still is used by his successors. The rule of Kim Il-sung was a veryoppressive one. Once the relationshipbetween North and South Koreabecame strained, due to the South'seconomic success, the peopleof North Korea were not allowed totravel or interact in any way with the South. This lead to the creationof a social fabric woven entirely frompropaganda that was made upby the government. This lead tothe worship of Kim Il-sung as theGreat Leader, because he convincedhis people through falsified factsand contrived sources that North Korea was well-off enough on itsown The principles of liberalism in theirentirety were rejected duringKim Il-sung's dictatorship, and theycontinue to be neglected in NorthKorea. The people there were notallowed any social or economicfreedoms, and the idea of privateproperty was non-existent. The people were constantly monitored, and any interaction with the rest of the world was essentially prohibited.Competition and privatization was null as well, since all economic activity had to be approved by thegovernment.
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