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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Different Types of Government: by John D. H. Governments are the differentauthority systems used to con-trol its citizens and their rights. Types of Government:autocracymonarchydemocracyrepublictotalitarianismoligarchyanarchytheocracy Types of Government:autocracymonarchydemocracyrepublictotalitarianismoligarchyanarchytheocracy Monarchy- a governmentsystem in which poweris acquired through family (royalty). EX:The royal family UK Democracy- a governmentsystem in which the peoplehave the power to vote and elect leaders. EX: America Republic- a governmentsystem in which peoplevote throughrepresentativesto make laws.EX: Rome Totalitarianism- agovernment system in which one ruler controls everything about everyone'slives, & takes power by force.EX: The Soviet Union Oligarchy- a governmentsystem in which a smallpercentage of the peoplecan make laws & politicaldecisions. EX: Sparta Anarchy- a countryin which there are noofficial governments orlaws. EX: France (thefrench revolution) Theocracy- a governmentsystem in which laws andpolitical decisions are basedoff of religion. EX: Islamic Republic Autocracy- a government system inwhich one leader controls the government. This ruler- in most cases- will take power by force. EX: Hitler and the Nazi Party. Unitary- the central governmentholds all of the power over citizens;smaller regional governments haveno power.EX: China Confederal- is a union of soverein states;regional governments have more/all the powerwhile the central government has little/none.EX: European Union Federal- power is divided equally between central and regionalgovernments. EX: America Parliament- the government is controlled by representatives whoare elected by the people. Ruled by a Prime Minister (elected by representatives). EX: The UK Presidential- a president is elected by the people, and is separate fromCongress and/or Parliament. Poweris equally distributed through checksand balances. EX: America
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