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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Taylor Swift Taylor was born december 13,1989 in reading pennsylvania! She liked both writingand music at ten and played on stage and poems. She is famous because she made analbum and she gave an image award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She moved somewhere when she was14! Personal Background!!!!!! Why is she Famous? Intresting Factode! Taylors mom named her Taylor because if she had a business card they would not know if sheis a girl or not. Why is her Name Taylor? Where Was Taylor Born? Some of her nick name are-Tay T-swift swifty t- swizzle T-sweezy. What is her Nick Name? She won a talent award at 11 years old. Let me no More!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her grandmother was an oprea singer and she liked music and she followed in her mothers mom foot steps. Why is she a Singer? Her favorite colors are pink and white she likes bright yellow and darkish pink and as told you white. What is her Fav Color! T-swift has one brother and one sis Austin swift and Claire swift. Taylor was 11 when she played her first song on the guitar and she wrote poems . Dose she have Seblings? She wrote stuff on her album like Love Story and stuff like that. Taylors first album came out in 2006! When was her first album? When did she Write her firt song? What did dhe write on her album? Taylor became famous because she went on a tour with brad paisley she was offered a pre song because she help him do a song and she did a part in her song. How did she Become Famous? She is on a doller bill coolTaylor probley going to be the text presedent. DIDYOU KNOW!!!! Taylor swift or swifty has a cat named olivea . DID YOU KNOW!!!!
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