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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Reflection The ECEP 101 Keys to Success course was essential to the growth of my learning of effectivecommunication strategies in the field of Early Childhood Education. As a global citizen andespecially as a resident and future Early Childhood Educator in a city as multi-cultural as Toronto, I found it particularly helpful to learn about the different kinds of cultural groups inthe context of communication. For example, as I learned in the "Think: Communication" textbook,there should be specific and different considerations when managing conflicts in individualisticand collectivist groups, as outlined in my chosen artifact. I believe that understanding my role and responsibility as a communicator in a multi-cultural setting will allow me to effectively deal with conflicts that may arise in the workplace,particularly with my co-workers, supervisor, parents of the children, or the children themselves. The most valuable aspect of the Keys to Success course is the introduction of all the helpful digital tools by Prof. Provo. This particular experience has given me insight into the different, creative ways in which information can be presented in order to capturethe audience and communicate more effectively. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Lastly, the most challenging aspect of the Keys to Success course is the group workshops in which our group members were pre-set and chosen beforehand by Prof. Provo. It was a little uncomfortable for me to have to adjust to a new group of people for every group activity.However, I believe that it allowed me to better able to practice my communication skills with individuals from different backgrounds and with different abilities. ECEP 101 Keys to Success
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