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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 * The Kentucky Wildcats Top Players of UK 10.) Tayshaun Prince (1998-02)9.) Louie Dampier (1964-67) 8.) Kenny Walker (1982-86)7.) Frank Ramsey (1950-54)6.) Rajon Rondo (2004-06)5.) Tony Delk (1992-96)4.) Antoine Walker (1994-96)3.) Jamal Mashburn (1990-93)2.) Cliff Hagan (1950-54)1.) Dan Issel (1967-70) The Coaches 1903-09 W.W.H. Mustaine, others1909-10 E.R. Sweetland/R.E Spahr1910-11 H.J Iddings1911-12 E.R. Sweetland1912-13 John J. Tigert1913-15 Alpha Brummage1915-16 James park1916-17 W.P. Tuttle1917-18 S.A. Boles1918-19 Andrew Gill 1919-24 George Buchheit1924-25 C.O. Applegran1925-26 Ray Eklund1926-27 Basil Hayden 1927-30 John Mauer 1930-72 Adolph Rupp1972-85 Joe B. Hall1985-89 Eddie Sutton1989-97 Rich Pitino1997-2007 Orlando "Tubby" Smith2007-2009 Bill Gillispie 2009-now John Calipari Championship wins The Kentucky Wildcats have 8 championship wins they were in 1947-48, 1948-49, 1950-51, 1957-58, 1977-78, 1995-96, 1997-98 and 2011-12 John Calipari Kentucky wins 2011-2012Championship Did you know that the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team was founded 112 years ago? The Kentucky Wildcats have a long history of great players, Coachers and 8 championship wins.The Kentucky Wildcats still play today and are a very good and confident team.
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