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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Jim Brown Cleveland Browns running back, His 12,312 rushing yards and 15,459 combined net yards put him in a then-class by himself. Deacon Jones Bobby Mitchell rams, chargers, and chiefs- aggressive defensive end, with speed agility and quickness chief,browns,- exceptional speed, faking ability and balance, these were assets that served the versatile wide receiver/halfback well during his 11 years starting in 1958. When Mitchell retired, his 14,078 combined net yards was the second highest total in NFL history. He had also scored an amazing 91 touchdowns. Eighteen of his touchdowns came by rushing, 65 on receptions, 3 on punt returns, and 5 on kickoff returns. He amassed 7,954 yards on receptions and 2,735 yards on rushes. Warren Moon 1984-1993 Houston Oilers, 1994-96 Minnesota Vikings, 1997-98 Seattle Seahawks,1999-2000Kansas City Chiefs 6823-attempted-3,988-completed-passing yards-49,325 TDS-291-Int-233-Rushing Yds-1,7363-avg.22-F-161 . First all league african american football players: Cleveland Browns and Steelers-One year beforeJackie Robinson signed with baseballs brooklyn dodgers, marion motley and bill Willis burst into the all America football conference. Career total- rushing Yrds. 4720Avg5.6TD31Receiving Yrds-1107avg-12.95-TD-7 cleveland browns-defensive middle guard-59 games played Marion Motley Bill Willis Chicago Bears-75 to 87- An amazing runner, Walter rushed for more than 1,000 yards 10 of his 13 seasons. His best season came in 1977, when he ran for 1,852 yards, third best in history at that time.Payton's 492 career pass receptions for 4,538 yards and 15 touchdowns contributed to his exceptional combined net yard totals. Extremely durable, Payton missed one game in his rookie campaign and then played in 186 consecutive games. Walter Payton The first African-american to play in the rose bowl, and then became pro footballs first African American head coach--Akron Pros, Milwaukee Badges, Hammond Pros69 games played Fritz Pollard Eagles, Green bay, Panthers, Defensive end, 232 games played 198 sacks Reggie White Running back Ravens,Dolphins,SaintsRushing yds 10,009-2,000 receivingLeft the league to smoke cannabis and enjoy a vacation, later getting him kicked out, he supported the drug and secretly smoked before every gameLater nfl making a policy due to his actions. Ricky Williams African-American pioneers in pro football
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