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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Keep our distance China is not a great opportunity or a threat to the US Lessons From Our Past Our country has often been wrong concerning foreign policy. In the nineteenth and early twentieth century the US saw China as an opportunity to spread Christianity and as a vast market, and they were both wrong. Since WWII, the US has made many attempts to establish democracy all over the world. These efforts have costmany US lives and billions of dollars Beliefs the idea of keeping our distance from china is based on Developments in China have little impact on the US. Pursuing foreign policy goals undermines US trade intrests and efforts to protect our own country The US doesn't have the power to greatly influence the large and remote country of China Pro's Con's The US will be able to invest more in our ownproblems at home. US leaders will have the opportunity to deal with the threat of China's trade violations. The US will not be blamed for future setbacks in China. China's economy is too closely linked with the US Upsetting the balance of power in the region will force our allies in the area to increase military spending It will open new trade disputes and lead to mistrust for future US buisness intrests Chinese reformers will lack our support as their country undergoes a critical period of change It will be veiwed as a defeat for US values and economic intrests Reduce our military presence in the region Policies to Pursue Avoid disputs between China and Taiwan Impose trade penalties on China For violations of copywrite laws Encourage Japan to increase foreign aid in the regionand to take the lead in resolving crises Raise import tariffs on Chinese products that threaten US industries
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