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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 KEEP COOL - STAY WARMeTwinning Energy-Efficiency Project We learn as we go:) Built-in assessment checkpoints. Saying HelloCreating videos Where are our partners? Disigning LOGOS I have an idea! and I and I How can we save energy? Exploring printed/ google maps.Checkpoint 1: Doing a quiz.Are we there yet? Let's review. 1. Researching the topic on the net.2. Brainstorming ideas. Designing logos.Checkpoint 2: Checking logos against criteria. Do you need to make changes? Creating MOTTOS How can we inspire others to do the same? What's motto?How to write it? Let's find themon the map! 1. Loking at examples of mottos.2. Learning new vocabulary. 3. Writing mottos.Checkpoint 3: Checking mottos against criteria. Do you need to make changes? VOTING Peer assessment.Checkpoint 4: Sharing impressions,explaining choices on the Twinspace forum. Creating PPTs 1. Observing & inquiring.2. Calculations & graphs. 3. What makes a PPT great?Small groups discussions.4. Creating & presenting.Checkpoint 5: Peer Assessment-Chosing the best PPTs & sharing on Twinspace. Let's make a video call? Let's share tools! Creating a list 1. Analysing in groups.2. Comparing the solutions. Checkpoint 6: Voting for the most effective practices. Creating a list Creating a list Creating a list EARTH DAY Let's Celebrate!!!Let's invite guests! Outcomes achieved! Showing off what we've learnt April 22
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