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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Women's rights! What is life like for women in North Korea? Women have very few rights.They receive few educational rights.Women in North Korea have few opportunitiessuch as social, economic, or political life of society. How women are treated! Men used their wives to continuetheir families lines. Hoping their wives wouldhave males of course.Women could work but they get paidless then males. Women's job that are offered in North Korea Women are offered the job of being a femaleSherman to drive of evil spirits and illnesses.They are also hired to tell fortunes. The violence in North Korea! Women try to escape the horrors of North Korea.In their live time they witness executions and even theexplosion of the blood.If any one is caught practicing a different religion they arethen took in to be imprisoned and executed. They are also tortured. Satistics from North Korea Women also worked 56% in the agriculture,45% in industrial, 20% in mining, 30% in forestry, 15% in the heavy industry, 70% in the light industry, and 80% of the teaching industry. Women's Opportunities Women had few opportunities to participate in the social, economic, political life of society, or in the military. It shows that it is not equal. Four main points on this topic. Religionviolenceoccupations/opportunitiesCulture SOURCES/Citations
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