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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Security and Human RightsBy: Kayla Corbett A3 ALL Why Do Mexicans fear detention? CIA torture and secret detention program The CIA secret service detention program was flawed. The program is downgraded from basic human rights violations and inhuman ways of torture and just make it seem like unforeseen complications. When basic human rights are violated, the united states needs to step up and bring those held responsible for the violations of basic human rights to justice Many officers in Mexico use the fact of crime being high and the many incidents of violence as the use for torture. The National Commission of Human Rights investigates complaints by the federal authorities, however this national government of body doesn't document the complaints of torture by state or any other way. Closing Guantanamo Detention camp set up in a human rightsVacuum, and now the U.S. failed attempt on closing it has to do withthe U.S.continual refusal to speak out and come clean about the detention camp violating human rights laws Amnesty International insists that states must respect human rights Amnesty International says when states fail to respect human rights,governments and privateindividuals responsible must be held accountablefor their own actions Ending Unlawful Detention Amnesty International'sSecurity with Human right's Campaign will-expose the use of unlawful detention in national security and terrorism
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