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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 12 February 1921-20 April 2006 Q&A 1 What is their nationality? She was born in the 12th of February 1921 in Ireland; so she was born Irish, but she immigrated in the USA as a child. She died in the 20th of April 2006 in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, USA. What area did they work in? Kay McNulty originally worked for the US Armys Ballistics Research Laboratory in Maryland. The job involved with calculating trajectories for shells and bullets, crucial information for soldiers using artillery guns. What makes this person a leader in the computer science community? McNulty became a shift leader and the war effort was requiring faster calculations. She, and five other scientists, came up with the plan to create an electronic machine that creates faster calculations. What innovation are they responsible for? Kay McNulty and five other scientists were the original programmers of the ENIAC, the first general-purpose electronic digital computer. When did this innovation occur? McNulty worked on ENIAC from 1946-1948. How have their innovations had impacts on other fields, or how could they in the future?As soon as McNultys ENIAC was created, soon the military were the first field to use the digital computer, and then later on police stations use computers, then corporate companies, then soon, everyone around the world have their very own digital computers. What positive and negative social impacts can be attributed to these innovations? Pros: Now computers are used by, practically, everyone. So that rate it would let people make simple things on the computer such as communications, calculations, writing, inventing, and even drawing.Cons: People from enemy forces can use computers to hack, gain U.S. information, and steal peoples identities What possible struggles did this person face? She has gotten married to a man named Mauchly in the year 1948 and gain seven kids; making her to become a fulltime housewife. However, she continued to work with her husband on computer program designs and techniques. Though sadly Mauchly died in 1980, but in 1985 McNulty Mauchly got re-married to photographer named Severo Antonelli. He died in 1996. Q&A 2 Q&A 3 Q&A 4 Q&A 7 Q&A 6 Q&A 5 Q&A 8 Kay McNulty Sources ved=0CAgQqi4oAg
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