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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Excel Skills Interests and Hobbies Karan Singh Looking For Work Experience Work History My Important Value Below are my work related skills with 0% meaning I have no profeciency in that skill, 50% meaning I have moderate profeciency with that skill, and 100% meaning I am an expert at that skill. Volunteer at The Public Library Tracking funds and keeping book People relationship skills Internship at Nomura Volunteer at WakeMed Hospital Cary 44% 75% 100% 80% Focused, motivated, mediator, positive attitude, proactive, and a goodlistener and communicator. These are the interpersonal skills I possess and use in my everyday work / school related life Participant of Deloitte FanTAXtic Competition Treasurer of Beta Nu Pledge class at Alpha Kappa Psi VP of Finance at NCSU Pack Transfers Statistics Work Related Skills I am currently a Sophomore at North Carolina State University, studying finance. With my skills in finance I hope to one day gain enough analyst expertise to bean invest banker. Apple Mac OS Software Certified I love adrenaline rushes, and that is one of thereasons why I love to snowboard. Snowboarding for me relieves all my stress as I do tricks and shred some snow. More than anything I am an animal lover, especiallyfor dogs. I have a dog right now named Stitch, and he manages to brighten up my day everyday with his awesomeness. I personally use this valuable life lesson by giving my best everyday and trying not toslack of as much as I can. The results I have achieved from following this life lesson hasgotten me on the chancellors list for outstanding academic standing, as well asleadership positions in various school clubs. 50% One of my important values in life that I always keep close at heart is to remember that life isn'tgoing to get any easier than it is now. What this means is that if you were to look back at life 10 years ago you would see how much easier life was in terms of work load and stress compared to present day. So, it is essential to understand how important it is to not slack off and work hard, because it doesn't get any easier as you progress through life. One interest I have is that I am a car fanatic.I love super cars, and can tell you everythingabout them from their make and model to what engine they have. Whenever I can find time I always choose to play a few songs on my acoustic guitar. I have been playingthe guitar even since I was a child and have never stopped since.
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