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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE ROAD 2009 John Hillcoat The relationship between the fatherand son. Foreground is the charactersand backgroundis what's behind them The father and sonhold hands despite the apocalypse. This shows a father can be protective. This image shows that it is set in some kind of apocolyptic disaster.It shows 2 people walking. The clothes they are wearing suggests the condition and situation they're in. They wear winterclothes in what looksa barren wasteland. Nerds and Geeks typically getplaced as the same types of people. However there are many differences between the two. Looks afraid. The father looks moreanxious and determined lookingwhereas the child looksafraid and lost. DIRECTOR WHEN WAS IT MADE? WHAT IS BEING REPRESENTED FOREGROUND AND BACKGROUND MAINCHARACTERS IMAGE Clothes Facialexpressions Alias Name Kuka Bima which literally means the Claw of Bima. Place of Origin Originates from Sumatra, Indonesia First Users Minangkabau People of west Sumatra Blade Type Comes in Single or Doubled Edged and Crescent Curved Hilt Type Scabbard/Sheath The handle of the karambit comes with thedesign of buffalo horn, wood and ivory. The Sheath is made from buffalo horn or wood Variations Techinques Karambits comes with the variations like Kuku Bima, Kuku Hanuman, Kuku Macan, Sumbawa, Lombok, Lawi Ayam They are used fortechniq They are used for techniques such as Slashing Motion, Hooking Motion,Hammering Motion, Punching Motion TIGER'S CLAW : THE KARAMBIT KNIFE OR KUKA BIMA TIGER'S CLAW : THE KARAMBIT KNIFE OR KUKA BIMA
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