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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Merchandizing Handles all the order related activities that the merchandizers carry out to execute an order, starting from Customer Inquiries and Costing all the way to placing Orders with the Factories. Sampling your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] Production Planning & Monitoring Time & Action Commercial Handles all the functions of commercial activities like L/C management, Transfer L/C management, Packing Lists, Commission Invoicing, Commission Realization, etc. Provides Critical Path for an Order and also task to do list for individuals. System emails any deviation from the Critical Path. Reminders for upcoming tasks and Alerts for overdue tasks are auto emailed. Complete task level monitoring for Orders, Departments and Individuals. Tracks the complete life cycle of sample movement starting from placing a Sample Requisition with a Factory. It tells you:- If sample received from factory- If tech team has given feedback- If the sample is submitted on time- If the sample is approved or notGives you the Factorys efficiency in terms of doing samples on time, number of reworks and many more Small Office Accounting Handles all the operational finances of a Buying House concern. Annual Expenditure Budget, Monthly Budget, Weekly Cash Requisition, ActualExpenditure recording etc. are all handled in a compact way. Allocates resources among all the Factories for monitoring Daily Production. Tracks fabric and garment (including sweater) production in individual factory against given Customer Orders.Daily production updates, in-line inspection and finalinspections are also kept here. K ANDAREE BH An ERP for Apparel Buying House Business CALL NOW096064001008955334 email:
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