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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fort Harker fort Harker the fortification war named after general Charles Garrison Harker. Firt Harker repalced Fort Ellworth which had been located 1.6km (0.99mi). fort harker a major distribution point foer all military pointas farther west and was one of the most military stations west of the Misssoury River. Fort Riley major General Bennett C. Riley built January 1853 the first electorial legislature there in July 1855 Cholera is inction of the small intestin ethe epidemic lasted only a few days but claimed 70 lives.Fort Leavenworth ft leaventworth has been know as "Intellection Centerof the Army", the nickname to the "Negro Calvary" to the Buffallo soldiers. Buffallo soldiers "Negro Calvary"compose of African Americans mans the first installed in cantonmell leavenworth its original names was lecated on Scott avenue South part chapel with initial strenght of 147 officers 174 elisted men. Kansas Frontiers Forts Fort Scott namedfor general Winfeld Scott 1846-48 the soldiers fight the Mexican American war dragoons a helite unit of troops trained to fight both on horseback and foot. Fort Scott Fort Riley Primary Sources:1.www.wikipedia.com2.National Park Service.(www.nps.ogvlfosc/hostoryculture/index.htm) Death's list of Fort Haker because of the cholera white people- 24 deadblack people-22 dead Big Red One of Fort Riley Fort Scott's population between 1860 and 2000. Fort Leavenworth's Negro Cavalry
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