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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Orlando THE SUNSHINE STATE Everything you need to know about Florida FLORIDA FLORIDA INTRODUCTION This Infographic is chock-fullof information on Florida's history.It will include famous explorers and other important people, importantevents in Florida's history, geographical features like citiesand mountains, and much more! Tampa Tampa STATE CAPITALTallahassee STATE CAPITALTallahassee Jacksonville Jacksonville The Sunshine State The Sunshine State Miami Miami Legislative Branch:The House of Representatives and the Senate The Executive Branch: Governor's Offices Judical Branch: The Courts 1513 Ponce de Leon was the firstSpanish exploreto explore florida 1564 The first PERMANENTsettlement wasin Jacksonville Floridabecame a state Florida hada "Land Boom" 500 yearcelebration of Ponce de Leon 2013 1920's 1845 The Three Branches of Government State Government exists at the State level for all fifty states. Local government includescounty and city government. Information on Pioneer Life 1. Their homes were small and made of trees, mud, and clay.2. They ate turtles, alligators, raccoon, deer, snakes, pigs, and plants. 3. Their transportation was only walking. Florida's role in the space program was the location of Kennedy Space Center and the launching place for most rockets. Florida's Role in the Space Program 1. Henry Plant2. Henry Flagler3. Henry Ford Three people that contributed to Florida's Development Florida's Three Native Tribes The Seminoles The Timucua The Apalachee 1. The Apalacchee lived in the Northwest part of Florida.2. Agriculture was very important.3. The Apalachee capital was present-day Tallahassee. 1. The Seminoles are divided into smaller groups called clans. 2. They used canoes because there was so much water around where they lived. 3. Many places in Florida get their names from Seminole words. 1. The Timucua lived in the Northeast and North Central part of Florida. 2. The Timucua may have been the first American natives to see Ponce de Leon landing in 1513.3. There were ten dialects of the Timucua language. Civic DutiesImportant to Florida to obey laws, volunteer, vote, and pay taxes. As a result of European colonization, the Native Americantribes contracted many diseases. The cause of the Seminole Wars related to General Andrew Jackson's attack and destruction of Negro Fort in Florida in 1816. Florida's 1920s Land Boom/Railways1. For the first time, Americans had time and money to travel to Florida to invest in real estate2. The United States had the automobile. Examples of How Florida Uses Resources to Make Money1. Ecotourism: This includes national and state parks, trails, and wildlife viewing. It is worth $552.8 million.2. Fishing: Saltwater fishing is worth over $5 billion and freshwater fishing is over $2 billion. Two Famous Florida Explorers1. Ponce de Leon was a Spanish explorer who led the first European expedition to Florida. 2. Jean Ribault was a French explorer who wanted to colonize Florida. How Did Spanish Rule Affect Florida?1. Many people spoke Spanish.2. The horse was reintroduced to America. Florida's Role in the Civil War:"Supplier of the Confederacy" Effects of the Spanish American War on Florida:Many new people visited and they liked it here. Three Ways Our State Constitution Protects Florida Citizens1. Basic Rights: Section 2 2. Religious Freedom: Section 33. Freedom of Speech and Press: Section 4 Memorable Event in Florida's Involvement in the Civil Rights MovementDr. Martin Luther King, Jr. visited Florida in 1964. He demonstrated peaceful protest. An important march took place in St. Augustine. Top Five Ways Florida Earns Money1. Eco-Tourism2. Mining3. Industry 4. Commerce5. Natural Resources Presented By: Evan Makowski and Kevin Pugliese
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