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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 GMOs GMOs PROs PROs CONs CONs MY OPINION ON GMOs MY OPINION ON GMOs Genetically modified organisms are good because they make food last longer and not rot as easily as non genetically modified food. This is a good thing because food is not being wasted as much and causes less world hunger. It allows farmersto spend less money, use less pesticides and herbicides, and not need to pull as many crops, leaving the soil alone. Genetically modified organisms are bad because people tend to add proteins and other substances that consumers could adapt new allergic reactions to because they were not in the natural product. There have been cases that animals have died or developed kidney and liver problems because of eating genetically modified food. That would suggerst GMOs are not a safe option. There has also been studies that genetically modified food can cause cancer in children. Even though some genetically modified food is good, not all is. Every new GMO has its own risks and hazards. My opinion on genetically modified organisms is that I am against it. I am against it because I think it is very dangerous. It is dangerous because It hasn't been tested or researched enough so you never know, it could kill or harm you very easily. GMOs have a lot of risks and I wouldn't want to take any when you could just be eating a natural apple or hamburger without having to worry about your safety. I am also against it because they could not just effect you, but also the animals. Some animals rely on food sources such as corn and other farm crops which most likely are sprayed and genetically modified causing it to effect them too. I am against genetically modified organisms because there is little research, it is unsafe, and could harm both, peopleand the animals which come into contact with them. By: Kendra Marion
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