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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Top Ten Common Household Hazards & Prevention 1. ThrowrugsRug may slip out from underneath you, or it may curl up and make you trip.PreventionUse tape to tape down the rug, or buy some rug gripper to place underthe rug.2. Electrical Cable TrailsWhile walking you could not see the cordthen trip because you didn't pick up yourfoot high enough.PreventionTape cords along the base boards of thewalls where they are out of the way.3. FurnitureSome close furniture could be hard to get in between.PreventionMove furniture in order to make the househandicap accessible.4. Objects on the floorEven the slightest object could make youbecome off balanced and fall.PreventionMake sure all items are always picked upoff of the floor, this includes shoes, clothes,and even papers.5. Broken StepsIf there are stairs in or around the house, make sure there are no broken steps or loosesteps.PreventionFix all and any broken or loose steps.6. HandrailsHandrails may not be as sturdy as theyseem, make sure to test them and makesure theyre not loose or broke.PreventionFix all broken or loose handrails aroundthe house.7. Slippery FloorsIs the tub or shower floor slippery? Falls occuron slippery floors quite often.PreventionMake sure to clean up any spills or previously usedbathroom floors.8. Loose carpet on stairsIf there are stairs with carpet they could get worneasily and the carpet could begin to come up causing you to fall up or down the stairs.PreventionEither redo all of the carpet on those stairs dependingon how bad the condition is or fix the loose piece.9. Good -L
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