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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 K-12 Learning SAXAPHONE DRESS SHIRT Staff instruct the class from thefront of the room. Lorem ipsum et secor dolor. Lorem ipsum et secor dolor. Technology has had a huge impact on the education system. The way we used to educate 10 years ago, is very different from how we do so now. With that said, it is fair to believe that 10 years from now will be different as technology continues to develop. Classroom Teacher WHO? Instructor teachesfrom a separate location. Online Teacher WHAT? Brick and Mortar School Hours WHERE? WHEN? WHY? HOW? 10 Years in the Past 10 Years in the Future VS. Core Subjects Global Issues Including history,science, languagearts/grammar,and math. The focus will beon how to improveissues like poverty,the environment, and hunger. The neighborhood school building. Accessible in anylocation withinternet connectivity. Typically operatingbetween the hoursof 8:00am - 3:00pm. Preparing studentsfor continued education or the workforce. Dependent upon when the learnerfeels they are most productive. Simply turn on any mobile device and begin working. Picked up at a localbus stop and broughtto the school building. Teaching studentsthe importance ofbeing a functioningmember of society. Power Button The "Real World" School Bus Digital Citizens Self-Guided Wi-Fi Locations Who provides the educational material? What is the focus of education? Where can students access the educational material? When can students access the educational material? Why are students being educated? How are students accessing the location of the educational material? Created by: Renee Roff
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