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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "He's an old man lookin out a window." Jamal said. "thats all he's ever been. the rest is gossip to put a scare in ourselves." Jamal and his friends are very concerned about the guy in the window that always watches them play basketball. His friends were saying rumors about the guy saying that you have do a lot of bad things to have to hideout in a neighborhoodAlso that there's strange sounds in the middle of the night.In the quote i chose, Jamal thinks that all of the stuff his friends said to him about Forrester "is gossip to put a scare in ourselves". So his friends dared Jamal to break into the guys house and see what is in his house and what kind of guy he is. After Forrester and Jamal start becoming friends, Forrester starts trusting Jamal and doesn't just share his skills for writing, he shares his passion. He shares his feelings, he mentors Jamal which made a close and trustful friendship, and shared his life with Jamal. William Forrester Throughout The Novel In the novel Finding Forrester, i chose the most changing character William Forrester, Forrester starts out as a mysterious and scary man that Jamal and his friends know nothing about him,when Jamal finally meets him after sneaking into his apartment, Forrester starts out very bitter and depressed. William Forrester is a famous writer, who has a passion for writing. He is a lonely man hiding in his old apartment with many books and memories from the past. When he meets Jamal, a young black man that searched through his place, he accepted his support and noticed that he needed Jamal as much as Jamal needed him. External conflict that Forrester faced was when him and Jamal got in a fight which mentally effected him more to a state where he was more depressed.
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