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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is Domestic Violence ? Domestic violence can also be reffered as spousal abuse, woman abuse, family abuse, gender based violence, intimate partner violence and violence against women. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Definitions of Domestic Violence: There are many definition of domestic violence which includesbut is not limited to, the use of or actual or threatened physical,psychological or sexual force inan intimate relationship Domestic Violence What are the different forms of Abuse Physical Abuse: It causes injury or put a person at risk and it can include pushing hitting, shaking, choking , biting, burning, kicking, confinementor assaulting with a weapon Sexual Abuse: It is against women and it is forcing someone to participate inunwanted, unsafe or degarding sexual activity. Psychological and emotional abuse: Is used to control ofa person and make them afraid The effects of domestic Violence The effects of violence on a victim's health are far-reaching and devastatingWomen who are battered may suffer rom a variety of medical problems, from depression to chronic pain; they may also be at an increased risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or unplanned pregnances Who causes Domestic Violence?? Domestic violence is learned intentional behaviour rather than the consequence of stress, individual pathology,substance use or a 'dysfunctional' relationship. Perpetrators of domestic violence frequently avoid taking responsibility for their behaviour, by blaming their violence on someone orsomething else, denying it took place at all or minimizing their behaviour Domestic violence is never the problem to startit can cause seriously depression and maybe also cause sucide you may never know what people can go threw when they experience the terrible thingof domestic violence. Domestic violence is never the answer for any problems
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