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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Depression What is Depression? Major Symptoms of Depression Depression is a mood disorder that causes aperson to have a persistentfeeling of sadness. Why do People get Depressed? 1 in 8 Adolescents have Clinical Depression People get depression from many things, Here'sa list of the major causes. Genetics Major Life Events MedicalConditions Family and Social Environments Are there Different Types of Depression? These are the different types of depression: Major Depression Bipolar Disorder AdjustantDisorder and Depressed mood Dysthymia Major Depression Adjustant Disorder and Depressed Mood Dysthymia Bipolar Disorder Adjustant Disorder and depressed mood is a type of depression where the affected person has a depressive reaction to life. Dysthymia is a type of depression where the affected person has non-severe depression for a long period of time. Major Depression is a type of depression wherethe affected person has a short period of very severe depression. Bipolar Disorder is a type of depression where the affected personexperiences periods of changing moods including severe depression Long Term Sadness Getting Help Lack of Energy Inabilityto feel pleasure Social Withdrawal Irritability Inability to Concentrate Weight Loss or Gain Change in Sleep Patterns Feeling of guilt and worthlessness Non-Medical aches and pains Change to Pessimism or Indifference Suicidal Thoughts To get help for depression there are four things that you can do: 1. Take Therapy2. Be Active - Excercise, Dance, etc.3. Take Medication4.Talk to a trusted person 6.7 percent of Americans above the age of 18 are affected by major depression alone
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