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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Current Supreme Court of the United States Statistical Information John G. Roberts Jr.Chief Justice of theUnited States Antonin Scalia Associate Justice Born in Buffalo New York January 27, 1955 Married Jane Marie Sullivan Kids Josephine Jack Education: Received and A.B. from Harvard College 1976 and J.D. from Harvard Law School 1979 Careers:Served As Law Clerk 1979-1980Special Asst. to AG 1981-1982Assoc. Counsel to President Ronald Reagan Nominated in 2003Nominated by George W. Bushtook his seatSept. 29,2055 Votes:Conservative BornTrenton, NJMarch 11, 1936 Married Maureen McCarthy have 9 Kids EducationReceived A.B from GeorgetownUniversity and his LL.B.from Harvard Law School.Was a Sheldon Fellow of Harvard 1960-1961. CareerProfessor at variousUniversities, served as a chairmen. Asst. AttorneyGeneral for legal counsel Votes:Conservative Was appointed Judge in 1982President Reagan Nominated Him. He took his seat Sept.26,1986. Anthony M. Kennedy Associate Justice Born in Sacramento, California, July,23, 1936 MarriedMary Davis Three Children Received B.A. from Stanford University and London School of Economics. and his Harvard Law School He was a Professor of Constitutional Law.Served in Numerous positions. He was a member of California ArmyNational Guard Nominated by President Reagan took his seatFebruary 18,1988 Votes:considered conservative sometimes votes liberal Clarence Thomas Associate Justice Born in Pin Pointcommunity of Georgianear Savannah on June 23, 1948 Has one child, Jamal Adeen, by a previous marriage. Married Virginia Lamp in 1987. Attended ConceptionSeminary and received and A.B. Cum laude, from Holy Cross College and a J.D.from Yale Law School in 1974. Was an attorney with Monsanto Company 1977-79. Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education. and Chairmen of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Votes:Conservative Was Appointed Judge in 1990.President Bush nominated him as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Ruth Bader Associate Justice Was Born in Brooklyn, NY. March 15,1933.Married Martin Ginsburgand has a daughter namedJane and a son James Received B.A. Cornell Univ.attended Harvard Law Schooland received her LL.B. fromColumbia Law School Professor of Law at Rutgers University School of Law and Columbia Law School instrument in launching theWomen's Right Project of ACLU's Was Appointed Judgein 1980.President Clintonnominated her. Tookher seat Aug 10, 1993 Votes:Liberal Stephen G. BeyerAssociate Justice Born in San Francisco,California Aug. 15, 1938Married Joanna Hare and has three children Received an A.B. from Stanforda B.A. from Magdalen College, Oxford, and an LL.B. from Harvard Law School A Special Assistant in a varietyof jobs. Chief Counsel of the U.S. SenateJudiciary Committee.An Assistant professor, Professor of Law, and a Lecturer at HarvardLaw School.Served as a Judge and Chief Judge USCA for the First circuit. Appointed by President Clinton. Took his seat August 3, 1994 Votes:Liberal Samuel Anthony JrAssociate Justice Born in Trenton, NJ April 1, 1950Married MarthaAnn and has two kids Does not say where he went to school Assistant U.S. Attorney,Assistant AG, Dep. of JusticeU.S. Attorney President George W. Bush nominated him. Took his seat January 31,2006 Votes:Conservative Elena KaganAssociate Justice Born in New York, NY April 28, 1960. No Kids Recieved an A.B. fromPrinceton.M Phil from Oxfordand a J.D. From Harvard LawSchool Was a Clerk Judge, became aLaw Professor first at UniversityLaw School than at Harvard Law School. served for 4 yearsin Clinton Administration.served as dean at Harvard Law School as well Votes:liberal President Obama nominatedher on May 10, 2010.She took her seat August 7, 2010 B.A. at Princeton universityGraduating summa cum laude and recieved highest academic award J.D. Yale Law School Nominated by Obama Took her Seat August 8,2009 VotesModerate Born in Bronx, New YorkJune 25, 1954 Sonia SotomayorAssociate Justice litigated international commercial matters served as an associate than partner Not Married No Kids
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