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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Jupiter for sale! With it being the largest planet in the solar system that means you have plenty of space so its worth buying. Its a gas giant with a Great Red Spot and also stay away from that, its a storm larger than Earth and has been spotted in the mid 1600's. also its a spectacular planet Jupiter for is for sale. The fifth planet from the sun and nothing but "space." Jupiter is 483,800,000 miles/or 778,500,000 km from the sun so its nice and cool... Very cool. double click to change this header text! Realtor: Joey BilgicCompany: Sell Yo System Jupiter is made mostly of hydrogen and helium, so its like a pool... Sort of you go right through. Temperatures on Jupiter are ranging from minus 100 C (minus 150 F) to minus 160 C (minus 260 F). So bring jackets and a lot of heaters. Weather on Jupiter are storms that grow to cover thousands of km within hours, so be prepaird We do not yet know if a solid surface exists on Jupiter. But the clouds on Jupiter are up to 30 miles ( 50 km ) thick. So its not sunny a lot. Jupiter is 43,441 miles (69,911 km) big so you have plenty of "Space" Jupiter does have faint, narrow rings so every day you wake up to rings in the sky. Jupiter has up to 63 moons and the deal is buy Jupiter and get 31 moons free! The most known moons are Europa, Io, Ganymede, Callisto. It takes 12 Earth years to orbit around the sun so you have summer a lot longer. Jupiter has the fastest rotation of all the planets in the Solar System, completing one rotation on its axis takes every 9.9 hours. Contact Info: Call 856-587-4837 1,000,000 Euro
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