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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 For more details, visit our website at Our Successes Increase Productivity +2 hours/day Self reported by 2000 participants Leadership Ability Cost Effective Globally Scalable Behavior change through repetitive smart action Intuitive & Easy to Use Journaling & Action Planning High Tech collaboration tools ensure success Automated Leadership App JumpShifts Automated Leadership App breaks traditional barriers and delivers leadership & professional skills development programmes with the same human touch & interaction Leadership Development Methodology We exist to help people and organizations take smart action to reach their potential MissionThe gap between how effectively most people & organizations work & where they could work is Huge! Our mission is to close this gap & our promise is Great People Making Great Organizations STRATEGYJumpShift provides leadership and professional skills development programmes that deliver business results in the process of developing people EXECUTION: As leaders in blending group facilitation and cutting edge technology, we get people in a habit of applying freely available content to inspire action that improves how they, and their organizations work VALUE PROPOSITIONOur sweet spot is with Front-Lin leaders and Executives who are: 1. Time and budget poor 2. Facing complex & dynamic work environment3. Limited by low learning transfer & relevance of existing development CORE SERVICES 1.Set direction and stay on it - organizational & team alignment2.Leadership development - proactive leaders who keep developing3. Professional skills development - efficient people & organizations DELIVERY MECHANISM1.In person workshops2.Virtual workshops - extremely interactive3.Full automated leadership app
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