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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 For more details, visit our website at Our Successes Increased Productivity +2 hours/day Self reported by 2000+ participants Increased Leadership Ability Cost Effective Globally Scalable Behavior change through repetitive smart action Predictive matching of content to individuals needs Accountability, Action Planning and Journaling High Tech collaboration tools ensure success Leadership Development Methodology We exist to help people and organizations take smart action to reach their potential STRATEGYJumpShift provides leadership and professional skills development programmes that deliver business results in the process of developing people EXECUTIONAs leaders in blending group facilitation and cutting edge technology, we get people in a habit of applying content to inspire action that improves how they and their organizations work VALUE PROPOSITIONOur sweet spot is with Front-Line leaders and Senior Executives who are: 1. Time and budget poor 2. Facing complex and dynamic work environment3. Limited by low learning transfer and relevance of existing development CORE SERVICES 1. Set direction and stay on it - organizational and team alignment2. Leadership development - proactive leaders who keep developing3. Professional skills development - efficient people and organizations DELIVERY MECHANISM1. In person workshops2. Virtual workshops - extremely interactive3. Automated leadership app 94% Before and after 360 Degree Evaluations JumpShifts Automated Leadership App breaks traditional barriers in delivering leadership and professional skills development programmes to provide sustained results to our clients MISSIONThe gap between how effectively most people and organizations work and where they could work is Huge! Our mission is to close this gap and our promise is Great People Making Great Organizations Inspire Smart Action Jump Diagnose Inspire Your Action Make it Meaningful and Real Best Practice Thinking Take Action Shift Why Important ExposePotential SelectApplication Expose to Tools Target Deep Dive Automated Leadership App Put in useWorkshop Put in use Field Recap and Review
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