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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ledgistlative Judicial Executive John KasichGovoner Leader Leader Maureen O'ConnorChief Justice The General Assembly The House of Representatives and the Senate combined The Supreme Court the highest court in Ohio where all of the huge cases gowhich has 7 Justices. The Court of Appeals where cases from the different district cases go and if a case can't be solved here its sent to the Supreme Court The Courts of Common Pleas are where the small cases go that couldn't be resolved by divisions courts Ohio's State Government This is where the smallest cases go and if two of the Division Courts rule differently for the same case it is sent up The House of Representatives one of the two parts of the General Assembly. There are 99 members in The House one for each House District. The Senate is the other one of the two parts of The General Assembly. There are 33 members one for each Senate District. The leader of the House of Representatives is the Speaker of the House, Clifford A. Rosenberger The leader of the Senate is the Senate President, Keith Faber. The most important roles of both houses is to pass taxes and pass bills to better the state of Ohio. The Judicial Branch's most important roles are to resolve disputes and interpret the law. Next highest in Executive power Mary Taylor Lieutenant Govener Next highest in Executive power Jon A. HustedSecretary of State Next highest in Executive power Dave YostAuditor Next highest in Executive power Josh Mandel Treasuer Next highest in Executive power Mike DeWineAttorney General All of these 6 people make up Ohio's Executive branch. Their duties are signing bills and setting polices. By Judson Utgard Popular Sovereignty is how our government is in the hands of the people. This lets people protest in they don't like a bill that is getting passed. This picture shows people protesting to not have anti-gun laws passed. Federalism is where the power between the state, the national and local government is divided. This picture shows how the power is divided. Representative Government is the people voting for a leader to make decisions for them. This picture shows people voting on for a person they want in office. Both the Ohio Legislative and Executive branches work out of the Ohio's State House. Ohios government balances my personal freedoms with order by listening to the people and making the changes needed for a strong State Government. The state is divided into 99 House districts and 33 Senate districts. State representatives listen to the concerns of their constituents and speak for them. This shows how our legislative branch is helping us to make us have a better stronger government while still having what the people want. Although this is only the legislative branch all of our other branches do the same when needed.So to conclude our Ohio government is at its strongest and I'm at my happiest when the government listens to the people.
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