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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Alex Ryan Jude Kate Morgenroth Mystery and suspense The main theme of the book is to not give up on life even when things are going bad. I know this because Jude tries to kill himself and the author implies that is not the answer. Jude has an odd personality he is beat a lot as a child sohe learns to take a punch andnot say anything he's real calm.He doesn't have a job in the book.He goes to prison for a crime hedidn't commit. He has a person vs person conflict. With his step dad. 1. One event that happen was that Jude's father was killed infront of him. 2. Jude move into a new home with nicer things that he has never had. 3. He helped a friend go to the hood and buy drugs, who later O.D on the drug. 4. He is set up and is caught with heorin in his backpack. Hegoes to prison for 5 years. 5. Hegets out of prison and is set on proving to his mother that he was set up. After months of looking he figures out that his mothers husband had set him up to help his mothers campaign to becomemayor. I would give this book five stars because from the moment I startedreading this book I was hooked I could not put it down. It was funny at parts and suspense at others. Itwas a great read and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to read. What reason did they have call him duckin prison?A. He walked like a duck.B. He beat up three guys and one was seriously injured. C. He looked like a duck.D. He always hung around the guard shack.
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