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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 By: Juana Perez Lifestyle Career/Work EDUCATION Love/ Romance Money/Finances Healthy/ Wellness Religion/Spirituality My goal is to be half of catholic and Christianity because I do believe in god, but I usually dont go to church.Also, I want tolearn people religiousand also tell them how's their life. When Im in college, I will be a honesty doctor because I could help people life and also learn new things from my career. Also, with the money I have I could travel the world when I have enough money for my family. I want to have a special big family and a lot of friends who know what to do in life and different experience in their life. I will be healthy everyday if I can, but I need to drink water at least every day because mostly I just drink water once a week. Also, be active everyday and have fun. I just know I wont worry about money when I grow up because the only thing I matter is if Im enjoying life and also know who am I in this world. I want to get in really love, when I have a good job and enough money to survive in life. I want my life to be happy, crazy and peaceful moment. I want my life to be like this because I know I only going to have one life and I got to enjoy life. My favorite academic is math and I wish I could get better with my english. I want to get better in english so I could translate with my spanish. Also, get a master degress and also have good grades. Family/Friends
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